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An Association for all Tree Interested People and Groups

This website offers groups and individuals in Britain the opportunity for contact with each other by sharing details of events, talks and lectures of trees interest through The Dendrologistís Diary. Here also is encouragement for better knowledge and understanding of the trees and woodlands together with guidance about developing expertise for identifying local tree treasures.

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Background and History

The Dendrologist (ISSN 0966-9124) was a quarterly publication produced entirely by volunteers for over 30 years. The cessation of this publication was announced at the beginning of 2013, with refunds for any unexpired portion of subscriptions offered to all subscribers. Those paying by Standing Orders were asked to immediately cancel them because after 31st March 2013 all sums received in the bank account would be deemed donated for the concluding projects of The Dendrologist.

The projects are maintaining this website and a book to continue supporting all tree enthusiasts both now and in future who want to understand and learn about trees and woodlands. That publication is 'A Dendrologist's Handbook' (ISBN 9525842 3 9) which is in an A4 format of 70,000 words and is now published. This can be obtained by sending a cheque, payable to NHBS Ltd for £10.50 to
NHBS Ltd, 1-6 The Stables, Ford Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5LE

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'A Dendrologist's Handbook'
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